Egyptian Interior

Egyptian Interior

"A bathroom to resemble an Egyptian tomb" was the concept I was presented with.

I based my palette on the two different colored types of marble in the room, an ochre-colored marble for the floor and shower/tub, and an earth-red marble veined with white for the trim and sink. The figures are adapted from several different tomb paintings, and wrap all the way around the room. The ceiling is painted a very deep ultramarine blue, to which I applied gold-leaf stars to form the constellation Orion. The vanity cabinet beneath the sink is decorated with a lotus blossom design, which is original, but based on ancient Egyptian designs.

The mural was executed in my studio on canvas, which was then applied to the walls of the room. The sheets of canvas were 10 feet tall, and trimmed down during mounting to fit the 8 foot ceiling height of the bathroom.


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